Wanna be famous?

Let’s be real.

During the day you are out in the sun, frolicking with friends and at night (if you aren’t out-on-the-town) you are on Facebook chat nursing your sunburn.

Rather than feeling guilty about not being productive and sitting on Facebook, you can do something good for your school! Upload all of those spring break pics to the Victoria’s Secret PINK StyleU page!

Right now, Florida State is #2 behind Auburn with the “Most Loved” photos! Sign in or create a PINK Nation account and “Love” all of your favorite Nole girls!

Jenna and Brandi

Spring Break assignment: No books necessary.

This spring break, don’t follow through with the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Go on ahead and judge away!

While you are at the beach, on the boardwalk, or traveling to a new city, take a look around you and look at what girls are wearing. You can learn a lot about the personality of someone by checking out their wardrobe. See a tall brunette rocking a romper? Steal her style and bring it back with you to the motherland…. Tallahassee.

You can completely transform your style by stocking up on some basics, and thankfully VS PINK has got that covered for you. When you’re not soaking up the sun, unleash your inner fashionista and go to http://www.polyvore.com and create your own personal style set (watch out, it is extremely addicting!)

Enjoy tropical paradise while it lasts!

Jenna and Brandi