PINK StyleCaster Pinterest Challenge!…Win a $500 Gift Card!!

Wanna win a $500 VS PINK Gift Card??

PINK  loves StyleCaster and Pinterest….combine the two and you get:


What to do:

  1. Follow Stylecaster on Pinterest
  2. Follow VSPINK on Pinterest
  3. Create a pinboard on Pinterest by logging in and clicking “+Add” on Pinterest on the top right hand corner of your page and selecting “Create a Board”
  4. Title your board, make sure it includes the word “heartbreaker”
  5. Fill your “heartbreaker” board with pins! This is where the fun begins
    1. Go the PINK website & pin at least 1 item from the Heartbreaker! Collection, like the flirty new racerback style
    2. To fill in the rest of your board, find images that best showcase the “Summer Heartbreaker” theme, think fun and flirty! See PINK’s Board for inspiration
    3. You are welcome to use any images from the PINK, StyleCaster or any other board or website. Get creative!
    4. Re-pins and uploaded images are allowed
  1. Submit your board. Once your board is complete, leave a link to your heartbreaker board in the comments section of the StyleCaster contest page (you’ll see a black icon at the top of the contest page that looks like a conversation box, that’s where you can leave your comment!)
Boards can be created until July 10 and the winner will be contacted on July 12. 


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