Style Mixer

Have you heard about the new Victoria’s Secret PINK Style Mixer? Personally, I can’t get enough of it. If you’re anything like me, you’re a HUGE impulse shopper. You buy tons of cute apparel items spontaneously and rip off all the tags before realizing your purchases weren’t as perfect as you thought – they weren’t your personal style, and you own nothing else that matches. Well, PINK-loving ladies, now there’s a solution. The new PINK Style Mixer is an online styling tool that helps you create looks you love. Style an entire outfit – from bras and panties to tops and pants – then add it to your online shopping cart with just a click of your mouse! The tool doesn’t just help you create a look that matches; it helps you create a look that matches your personal style. Add to the fun by putting on your favorite music playlist (try PINK Nation Pandora!) while you satisfy your inner shopaholic. I did, and here are some looks that I came up with: Can you tell that I love neutral colors, soft colors and PINK sweatpants? That’s just my personal style. What will YOU come up with? PINKLOVE, Casey King Street Team Guest Blogger


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