Today is Yoga Shirt Day! The 1st 10 people to ‘like’ our Yoga Shirt photo on Instagram (@vspinkfsu) will receive a PINK Yoga Tank! If you’re one of our winners, go to our Cardio Party and pick up the shirt at the end!


How do YOU wear your Yoga Shirt? Comment Below!

This is how the Street Team wears their Yoga Shirts!:


I wear this with everything!! It’s cute with jeans or yoga pants or gym shorts with a sports bra. It’s cuter than a t-shirt but still comfy!


I wear my yoga top with jeans and sandals to lunch with my friends, or even with heals to go to a dinner party!


I love wearing my PINK yoga shirt to the gym! It makes working out more enjoyable when you’re so comfortable.

Alyssa M.:

The comfy yoga shirt is my favorite to wear to class!

Alyssa D.:

I love wearing my Victoria’s Secret PINK Yoga tank to class.  It’s a fun and comfortable top.  I pair mine with VS PINK running shorts or VS PINK yoga leggings!


I love that these tops come in fun colors and sassy designs. It makes it easy to roll out of bed and make it on time to your 8 a.m. class while still looking presentable. Personally, I like to wear mine during those long nights studying in the library. 

Keep up with what’s going on the rest of the week!:



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