What we do

We are your go-to girls for PINK fashion, parties and trends on FSU’s campus!

2009-2010 Campus Reps: Jenna and Brandi

Fall of 2009, Jenna and Brandi worked with the charity of their choice, the Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend. They collected money through fund-raising, raised awareness of the club, and donated their time to the children by teaching them ballet. They created a short documentary of their journey in helping the charity and won a nation-wide contest among all the other schools in the Collegiate Collection due to their superior work. Their grand prize was a trip to VS Headquarters in Ohio and New York City!

Check out their winning documentary video!

Fall 2010, the girls participated in a nation-wide clothing drive for the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. They contacted sororities, fraternities, local businesses, student organizations, and FSU students and faculty. In total, they raised over 3,721 items in four short weeks & made it to the top five out of fifty schools in the PINK Collegiate Collection for the best marketing/PR campaigns for the project.

Spring 2010, Jenna and Brandi threw yoga, Valentine’s Day and pool parties! FSU came so close to the final rounds of the Collegiate Showdown!

2010-2011 Campus Reps: Brianna and Cassie

Cassie & Brianna, 2011-2012 Campus Reps!

Fall 2010, Brianna and Cassie were party queens!

Welcome Week
Brianna and Cassie made their debut during the first week of school outside the bookstore. They were a hit with all the back-to-school PINK freebies they were handing out!

Cardio Party
The girls hosted a party at the Leach complete with a Cardio Party fitness class along with a spin class and other fitness class demos. The first 100 guests received free PINK water bottles! With the help of their street team they raffled off PINK yoga bras, pants, panties and shirts throughout the party! With over 400 guests in attendance this party was definitely the talk of the campus! Not to mention the surprise guest: Caroline Wilson, PINK marketing director!

Free PINK waterbottles to first 100 guests!

PINK Yoga-wear raffles!

“Cardio Party” Fitness Class

Heartbreaker Bra Party
Cassie and Brianna hosted a bra-themed party at Art of the Catwalk. This event included bra and panty cookies, a Zumba class demo, a panty scramble game, heartbreaker board and bra sizings by Victoria’s Secret Bra Specialists! Heartbreaker Bra coupons given to all guests. Heartbreaker Bra Raffle!!

Heartbreaker Bra Give-Away!

PINK Tailgate
PINK foam fingers and thunder sticks were given out at a fraternity tailgate! Everyone brought them to the football game to help cheer on the Noles!

Homecoming Parade

Freebies and coupons were thrown to the large audience of the Homecoming Parade! GO NOLES!

PINK Campus Reps & banner! GO NOLES!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Viewing Party
Raffles, PINK Paparazzi and Potbelly’s… What better way to watch the VS Fashion Show?!

PINK paparazzi

Raffle Winner! PINK Collegiate Collection

Spring 2012

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

We gave clues on Facebook and Twitter leading girls around campus and ultimately leading them to PINK Yoga Outfit Prizes!

Through rain or shine, these girls won the prize!

Surprise Party at the Leach

Students attended as many group fitness classes at the Leach as possible. One yoga class was the lucky winner. Everyone in the class won PINK Yoga merchandise!

Post-Spring Break Party

Chilled on Landis Green while giving out PINK Spring Break Essentials.

Spring Break Essentials!

PINK Twitter Truck Competition
FSU competed against UF and FAMU to win the PINK truck on campus! The truck would come with tons of PINK freebies right to campus! All students had to do was tweet @VSPINK using the hash tag #PINKTruck and FSU. This was a tough competition since not everybody has a Twitter but we did get 2nd place!

Congrats to FAMU for getting the PINK Truck on campus!
Next year it will be us!!

Clothing Drive Competition

FSU competed with 55 other universities to collect the most clothing for Salvation Army. We collected clothing at all our events! The grand total was 1370!

Only half of the clothing collected!


Collegiate Showdown
This semester FSU competed with 55 other universities in the Collegiate Showdown. As usual we were one of the finalists landing a spot in the outstanding 8! To vote all students have to do is sign into pinknation.com and vote for FSU once a day every day! Get excited for next spring!

Outstanding 8

Fall 2012 campus reps: Brianna and Avery. Brianna is at it again this year planning all your PINK events. And introducing…Avery Durant!

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