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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Viewing Party 2014

We are in the process of looking for highly motivated PINK girls to volunteer on our Street Team! If you think you have what it takes, please apply at vspinkfsu.typeform.com/to/oEm4le/ and send your resume and a tentative work/class schedule to vspinkfsu@gmail.com. Cover letters are optional.

Representing PINK is hard work, so it definitely benefits us to have help executing our events in store and on campus! This is what the PINK Street Team does. At the beginning of the fall semester we will be looking for girls to fill these prestigious positions and work with us throughout the rest of the year.

As a street team member you will:
  • promote events and the brand through social media, tabling and flyering
  • help plan and run events throughout the semester
  • attend street team meetings every other week


  • Highly motivated, involved on campus

  • Member of PINK Nation

  • The ultimate PINK girl is intelligent, enthusiastic, fun, fashion-forward and outgoing on campus

  • Should have interest in/be majoring in: Advertising, Business, Marketing, Retail Merchandising, Media/Communications, Fashion, Digital Media Production, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Public Relations, or other relevant majors

Street Team Position Overview

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