Cheekster Check-In


Wanna snag this cute cheekster panty?!

Come to our Cheekster Check-In on February 11 from 3:30-5 p.m. on campus! There will be three locations where you can pick these up: Landis Green, the Leach and the Integration Statue!

To win a panty, check-in on Facebook at whichever location you decide to go to,  tag our Facebook page and include the words “Cheekster Check-In”! For example: “Just won some free panties from Victoria’s Secret PINK at Florida State University at their Cheekster Check-In on Landis Green!”

Cheekster Check-In Flyer'

See you there!


Avery and Brianna

PS Congrats to @dkmcarn and @kt_johns for winning our Layering Bra Twitter Competition! Pick up your bra at our Leach location!



On Monday, November 19, there will be a PINK Panty Parade at FSU!! At 11 a.m. the campus reps will be walking across campus, from Landis Green to the Integration Statue, with a long line of panties! If you want a pair, you have to tell us the name of the panty style- the “Lace Trim Thong”. There is a limited amount, so make sure you find us early. We’ll be the girls with the panties.

Lace Trim Thong


Avery & Brianna